Our Life Skills Enrichment Program offers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a wide array of weekday activities that help them create meaningful days, productive years and, ultimately, more fulfilling lives. Every day offers a balanced blend of academics, life management skills, vocational services, and enrichment programs based upon goals articulated within each consumer’s individual service plan (ISP).

New Star also provides a variety of support services including but not limited to transportation, physical and occupational therapy, individual and group counseling, social services, psychological testing, behavioral treatment, and planning.


At New Star, we meet our consumers where they are, then work to take them where they would like to be. Whether working to recognize letters and colors in one of several academic rooms or learning to submit a resume online within our computer lab, our consumers are immersed in a rich learning environment that challenges them to gain new skills.

Life Management

Managing money, telling time, self-care, and creating positive relationships are just some of the daily living skills that our consumers learn within our life management program. Using ISPs as a guide, we provide our participants with the tools necessary to take steps toward greater independence and reaching their full potential.

Exercise and Nutrition

New Star is one of the few agencies that offers a “Healthy and Able” program. Based upon the University of Illinois’ “Health Matters” curriculum, this program combines daily exercise classes (including USTA adaptive tennis) with nutritional counseling to help consumers learn to make choices about diet and daily activity that lead to healthier, happier lives.

Senior Program

We understand that as individuals age, their daily needs change. Our Senior Program offers older consumers a hands-on, care-centered environment that meets their physical needs while stimulating their intellectual capacity.

For more information about the ways in which New Star’s Life Skills Program might improve the quality of your or your loved one’s life, contact Erica Gibson, CDS Administrator, at or 708-304-1224.