Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the same right to live and participate in their community as anyone else. Yes, sometimes, individuals may need training, support, supervision, etc., and that is where New Star takes the lead. Community Life is many things and might look different to anyone including; meeting new people, developing relationships, learning skills, going shopping, paying bills, having privacy, cooking meals, medication assistance, having a place to sleep, etc. Our trained staff provides opportunities for individuals to learn the skills needed to live meaningful lives in their communities.


Residential Habilitation and Support is provided in the individualā€™s home, whether it is a family home, the individualā€™s home, or a home or apartment with roommates. New Star provides trained staff to give needed supervision, supports, and training to assist with the needs of living in the community. Services may include but are not limited to, assisting with medical appointments, medication administration, meal preparation, daily living skill training, budgeting assistance, as well as hygiene and grooming training. Residential Habilitation and Support can be provided on an hourly or a daily basis and is funded through the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver. The Person-Centered Individualized Support Plan or PC/ISP must identify the needs of an individual, how they are going to be met, and by whom.

For detailed information about New Starā€™s live program offerings in Indiana, please contact

Kara Pierce at kpierce@newstarservices.orgĀ or (219) 440-7430.