How do we learn to care for our children? Most of us learn from our own experience and by watching others. We observe how our families and friends care for their children. So what happens when your child has challenges that family or friends have not experienced? Often people need to look outside of our circle of family and friends to learn from others. New Star feels that it is very important for families to be supported, and sometimes specific training is needed. This is where the Family & Caregiver Training would be a benefit.


Family & Caregiver Training provides instruction to parents, family members, or caregivers on treatment and equipment needs identified in the PCISP. It can also provide training to assist a parent, family member, or caregiver in improving their ability to support their loved ones. Many times new barriers are identified for individuals with disabilities. Training provides caregivers with an opportunity to learn how to address and support these barriers through assistive technology, behavior management, and even stress management. Family & Caregiver Training is funded by Indiana’s Family Support Waiver and Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver. To participate in this service, an individual must have this need identified in their Person-Centered Individualized Support Plan or PC/ISP. An individual can talk to their Case Manager about adding it to their PC/ISP and annual budget.

Asonta with Tejal

For detailed information about New Star’s learn program offerings in Indiana, please contact

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