New Star Reports its Satisfaction Survey Results

New Star has completed its first satisfaction survey, and the results are in.

“The purpose of the survey is to make sure we are supporting people the way they want to be supported,” said Kim Brewerton, Director of Quality Assurance.  “It helps us look at our programs in relation to what makes people comfortable, safe and happy.  As we review the results, we want to make sure we are doing all we can for our consumers, and it gives us points to work on improvement.”

Using the National Core Indicators (NCI) as a comparative source, questions were asked of consumers, parents/guardians, community employers, resources, consumer employees and others who are involved with our programs in both Illinois and Indiana.

A 92 percent overall satisfaction rate was reported by consumers who participate in our residential and day programs.  This reached the agency’s overall goal.   Compared to the National Core Indicators, New Star rated higher in consumers reporting that staff was nice at their day programs and our consumers liked the home in which they lived.   New Star fell below NCI percentages with regard to personal privacy and consumers feel they are not as involved planning their daily schedules and how to spend their free time as they would like to be.

Parents/guardians and employers indicated they would recommend New Star to others.  When asked what they liked about New Star, consumers stated:  “Staff- they are willing to help me so I can accomplish by dreams;“ “Everything;” “They try to improve our independence;” and “My home.”

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