Comcast NBCUniversal to Present $10,000 Check to New Star

On Tuesday, October 25th, representatives from Comcast NBCUniversal will visit our Chicago Heights Campus to observe how a recent grant of $10,000 is changing the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The visit will include a facility tour, a demonstration by New Star clients of the new iPads and iPods, and a check presentation to our President and CEO, Dan Strick. Comcast NBCUniversal will be sending Joe Higgins, Director of External Affairs, Debra Marton, Senior Manager of Community Investment, and Yohan Fernando, Senior Manager of Government Affairs to attend the event.

Comcast NBCUniversal, in collaboration with The Arc of the United States, awarded New Star with a $10,000 grant in August of this past year. Through this grant, we are expanding our current computer lab to include mobile technology so our clients can use iPads and iPods into their daily activities and employment-related tasks.

The New Star lab expansion is part of a 2014 national partnership between Comcast NBCUniversal and The Arc, which advocates for and serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The partnership enables Comcast NBCUniversal and The Arc to achieve their shared goals of expanding technology resources for people with I/DD to ensure everyone has the tools to reach his or her greatest potential.

“New Star clients involved in this pilot program are excited about demonstrating apps like iMovie, Master Task, and iModeling that are associated with this mobile technology,” said Dan Strick, New Star President and CEO. “We are grateful that representatives from Comcast NBCUniversal will get to see first-hand the difference this generous grant is making for those we serve.”

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