We Are New Star – New Hope Center and SouthSTAR join together!

We are very pleased to report that, beginning July 1, New Hope Center and SouthSTAR Services have become New Star!  We are now serving over 650 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live throughout the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana.  As most of you know, we began discussions over a year ago, when we recognized the advantages of creating one agency.

“It became clear that merging would enable us to create a more efficient and effective organization,” explained Dan Strick, New Star CEO/President (former SouthSTAR CEO/President). “Together, we can streamline our infrastructure, improve our service delivery, expand our program offerings, and increase our funding opportunities in way that would be impossible if we continued to compete for the same resources.”

“The Boards of Directors and the entire staff have been working hard toward this merger. The two organizations both have a proven history of providing innovation and quality services that are tailored to the needs to the community, the people we serve and their families. Today that vision became reality,” said Tim Knapp, New Star Executive Director (former New Hope Center Executive Director). “As New Star, we will have more resources and human capital to pursue ground-breaking and leading edge innovation in our programs and services that will enrich the lives and experiences of individuals with disabilities.”

SouthSTAR Services and New Hope Center, Inc. were both championed over 50 years ago by courageous parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who were seeking better educational opportunities for their children. The hard work and dedication of these pioneers are, and will remain the fabric of New Star; appropriately named to reflect both organizations’ rich history.

For more information about the merge and our programs and services, please contact Jennifer Wojcikowski, Chief Development Officer at JWojcikowski@newstarservices.org.

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